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10 Of The Best Time Management Tips For Nigerian Students!

University Students

Students, unless they have strong time management skills (which they usually don’t), will inevitably be stressed out a lot. It’s just the way it always was and always will be. Unless you’re going to try and change something. It seems to be much easier to procrastinate until the last moment and then rush to study for exams. But frankly, you’re putting yourself under more stress since all that time you waste on procrastination, you feel guilty – and that’s not healthy.

Some students choose to use their time wisely to avoid the all so familiar study overflow by the end of term. Want to know why you need to follow their example? Read this article to see why it’s essential to plan your time ahead and how you can organize yourself to become a better learner, be a more diligent student, as well as still have time to rest and have fun.

Why should you consider planning your time?

First of all, learning how to plan your time, while still being a student will definitely pay off when you’ll start working. Being organized and self-disciplined is a vital skill for everyone living in 21st century. As the studies showed, employees who plan their day ahead of time, get more done on daily basis and receive awaited promotion faster than their not so advanced colleagues. In other words, time management skills is what will make you stand out, as your productivity level will grow and the quality of your work will be much higher.

Another reason you should consider to start planning your time is – it will make you achieve more in the professional field. Working with no need to rush and handle tasks before the deadline gives you the freedom to explore your work field more in depth. Consequently, mastering your field of expertise will make you a better employee and increase your chances of climbing the career ladder faster.

Furthermore, time management will help you stay healthy. Living in stress increases your chances of catching colds or getting infections, especially in the winter time. Not to mention sleep deprivation, and nobody wants that.

Finally, planning your life beforehand will leave you more time to just have fun and rest. Knowing what you have to do and doing it before the set deadlines ensure that you will have plenty of time to rest and the energy to hang out with friends while still being a diligent student and getting the most of the studying.

Now as you know the benefits of using time management tips in your everyday life, let’s dive into the tips to help you be more efficient student:

1. It all starts with your motivation. Imagine how your life will look like once you start planning your time, achieving more and living at the pace you want to. Set your eyes on the goal as you move down this road. As the specialists recommend, you should focus on what mastering the time management skills can bring you. Just think about it: once this work is done, how you will be feeling, what your tutors will think, and how this can influence your future.

2. Start planning beforehand. Take your favorite notepad and write down all the tasks you need to do. Make sure to write down everything, not only huge tasks. It is never a good idea to leave small things for later, as you might just forget them and this will cause you many troubles. Go through your study plan and see what papers you have to hand in, when their deadlines are and how much time you need to finish the task.

3. Make sure to be very realistic about setting time limits for each task. Students tend to underestimate how much time certain activities can take. This leads to missing deadlines and not meeting tutor’s expectations. To avoid such failures, make sure to set realistic timing and leave some time in between the tasks in case of emergency.

4. Another tip is starting your work with the most important tasks. It does not matter whether they are big or small. What really matters is the priority of these tasks on your list. This tip will help you if you tend to be doing a lot of tasks at the same time. Setting clear priorities increases the quality of your work. So do the most important tasks first and then proceed to those of lower importance. This method can even be of much help, as in the course of going through the tasks you might find out that certain tasks are not necessary at all.

5. Make enough time for rest. It’s a key to achieving more. Studies have shown that people who think that working longer hours will make them achieve more are mistaken. They only get tired and as a result less productive.

6. While still on this topic, make sure you don’t give up sleep to finish your tasks. It doesn’t work this way. Once you don’t give your brain and body breaks, the cumulative effect of tiredness will result in the lack of motivation and decrease in efficiency. So make a rule: sleep at least 7 or 8 hours every day despite the busy schedule.

7. Do not procrastinate throughout your day. You’ll be surprised to learn how much more you could have done if you did not waste so much time on the social networks, messengers, and other distractions while working.

8. If it is possible, start your work early in the morning. Scientists believe our brain works much better at this time, so you will get more work done in less time.

9. Write everything down immediately. Your innovative ideas won’t be lost and new tasks will land in your schedule. This way you won’t forget something important.

10. Do not expect too much from yourself. Don’t eat yourself for doing something in a less-than-perfect manner. This attitude will only bring you down.

Here you go : 10 Of The Best Time Management Tips for Students : use these tips and get more work done, more goals achieved and fewer deadlines missed in no time!


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