10 Common After-meal Habits That Will Cause You Trouble


6-Dangerous-Things-You-Should-Not-Be-Doing-After-A-MealMany people have developed unhealthy habits after meals. They have come to regard some of those habits as normal, and therefore do not mind the consequences because they are slow in coming.

Plenty people can’t resist after meal siesta, most especially after lunch when they tend to eat and take a nap instantly. For some people, it’s after- meal cup of tea/coffee or some fruits which they believe will help with digestion while others prefer a stick of cigarette or two immediately after meal.

No matter how enjoyable and satisfying these habits may be, they actually hurt our health without us knowing, hence they should be avoided. Here are some other seemingly harmless after-meal habits that could get us into trouble.

cold waterCold water: Avoid cold water after a meal because it does not let the food digest, it causes clumping of food. Hot/warm helps absorb nutrients better.

woman-taking-showerShower: Never rush into the shower after a meal, a warm bath before and after a meal is a No. Warm baths reduces the amount of blood available to the stomach because it raises the temperature of the body. Wait for half an hour after a meal before going into the bathroom to shower.

Family Walking-580Stroll: People are of the opinion that taking a stroll after a meal will lengthen and refresh one’s life but timing is important. Taking a stroll immediately after a meal will only cut one’s life short because of indigestion and stomach upsets. You can take a 10 minutes walk after eating thirty minutes before. Walk is good for the body, but just be conscious of timing.

fruits-e1445434221511Fruits: Eat fruits before and not after meal because most fruits contain simple sugar and are easily digested. Eating fruits within an hour after food will make them get stuck in the stomach as such spoiling the food and nullifying the fruits nutrients and can also cause bloating and GI distress. Although it is common for most people to serve fruits as dessert after meal, it is not good for the health. It is ideal to have fruits as appetizers before breakfast, this way the body can tap all the whole nutrients of the fruits and have enough energy to work with throughout the day.

smokeSmoke: Smoking a cigarette after a meal is the same as smoking 10 cigarettes which worsen the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and increases the risk of lung cancer, ulcerative colitis ( stomach ulcer), emphysema ( a lung disease that causes shortness of breath) and other cancer associated with smoking. It also has bad effects on muscles of the colon.


sleep-after-mealSiesta: Never go to bed immediately after a meal. It is certainly not good for the health because some amount of digestive juices from the stomach which is acidic in nature flows back oesophagus because of the body posture and it burns the inner layer. Laying down after meal also leads to obesity.

drink-teaTea/ coffee: Although tea and coffee have tremendous benefits, nutritious experts says it is not good to take them after a meal. This is because tea and coffee contain substances that can absorb the essence of food. They have high acidic content that will cause the protein in the food to be hardened and difficult to digest. You can drink your tea half an hour after your meal.


woman-dancing-sofa-400x400Dancing: Dancing or moving too much after a meal will make it tough to absorb the nutrients in the intestines, you may throw up or suffer stomach upset.

man-doing-crunches-at-gymGym: Never hit the gym immediately after a meal, it will be counter-productive to the body and may result in vomiting, nausea, etc.

belt tBelts: Loosening the belt before and  after a meal will easily cause the intestine to be twisted and blocked, you are also playing with obesity because it creates more space for more food which is not healthy.


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