10 Craziest Things Nigerians Do When Hungry

That moment when your mind is racing and all you can think about is how much longer before you can get food to eat. The crazy things hunger can do to someone.

Simple things can become difficult when you’re hungry. Some others will snap at every little thing. Hunger can make people do the most unusual things. Like they say, ‘a hungry man is an angry man’.

Below are some things Nigerians do when they are hungry.

1. The floor suddenly becomes your best friend

When you’re hungry and there’s no food in sight, the floor suddenly looks the perfect place to take solace.

2. The fighter in you comes out


A normally calm person suddenly can become more aggressive. A hungry Nigerian can fight you naked for food.

3. The weird food combination

Some people can come up with the strangest food combinations you would never think to try in your life. E.g (Combination of Bread, Spaghetti, Yam and Egusi Soap)

4. Garri to the rescue

Garri always seems to be the perfect savior at the time of hunger. Some will even leave the garri to swell very well before taking it.

5. Your enemy becomes your friend

When someone you’re mad at offers you food and it becomes so impossible to stay mad at them.

6. Anywhere, any position is just fine

When the food comes, some Nigerians can eat it standing, walking or squatting. Their environment does not even matter.

7. Scrap every last bit of food

Some people will make sure no single grain of rice is left in the plate. Some would even make use of their tongue.

8. How a hungry Nigerian eats chicken

When Nigerians are hungry

By the time a hungry man attacks the chicken, you’ll be looking for the bones.

9. Eat what is bigger than you


Hunger can make some people eat more than they can handle.

10. No time to waste

Once you finally get food, you lose sense of all of your surroundings. There’s no time to waste. You just want to shove everything in at once.


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