10 Facts Every Nigerian Should Know About Nollywood

The Nigerian film industry popularly known as Nollywood, has over the years spread like wide fire throughout the coast of Africa, Europe, and even in Asia.

In addition to being widespread, several Nigerian actors and actresses have gained international recognition, fame and fortune beyond their wildest imagination by starring in several Nigerian films.

Below are simple facts every Nigerian need to know about the Nollywood Industry:

1. Kenneth Nnebue was the first to spearhead the production of a movie in Nigerian – Living in bondage which actually gave life to movie production in Nigeria.

2. Nollywood Industry is now the second biggest producer of films in the world.

3. Nollywood films are proving popular all over English-speaking Africa and have become a staple on M-NET, the South African based satellite television network

4. In the past 12years, Nollywood has grown from nothing into a $250 million dollar-a-year industry that employs thousands of people.

5. The Nollywood phenomenon was made possible by two main ingredients: Nigerian entrepreneurship and digital technology.

6. Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry is now priced at $5 billion and makes more films than Hollywood in the U.S, but less than the largest film industry, India’s Bollywood, according to Al Jazeera.

7. Nollywood is an industry that has high turnover and challenges the western mode of storytelling.

8. Nigerian movies are collections of different genres and themes which includes; romance, comedy, revenge, betrayal, love, hatred, ritual, politics, power or a blend of two or more.

9. Today, it has been confirmed that the deadliest disease crawling around the movie industry is sexual harassment between same sex – Homosexuals and lesbians.

10. In the movie industry, it has been revealed that there are no friends, just colleagues…so if you are there, just play safe and be the best.


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