10 Female Celebrities Accused Of Bleaching

Bleaching is a hot topic right now in the entertainment scene.

Over the years several female celebrities have been accused of skin bleaching or toning their skins.

To keep you up to date here are ten female celebrities accused of bleaching their skins.

Tonto DikehTonto Dikeh

1) Tonto Dikeh

Throughout her career actress Tonto Dikeh has been accused several times of bleaching her skin. She has denied this but the accusations and rumours still persist.

 Toke MakinwaToke Makinwa in My Q Lady

A tweet on Toke Makinwa's (alleged) picture. A tweet on Toke Makinwa’s (alleged) picture.

2) Toke Makinwa

Yesterday (Thursday, March 10, 2016) a throwback photo of a woman alleged to be the media celebrity popped up. Toke Makinwa hasn’t made any statement concerning the photo but it has once again sparked the rumours that she bleached her skin years ago.

Dabota LawsonDabota Lawson in new photos

3) Dabota Lawson

Old pictures of the former beauty queen has made people believe that she bleached her skin. After popular blogger Stella Dimokokorkus posted an old photo of Dabota Lawson yesterday (Thursday, March 10, 2016), the ex-beauty queen responded by saying “Damn Stella, back with that stale gist? Slow news day?

Annie IdibiaAnnie Idibia

4) Annie Idibia

On Sunday, November 29, 2015 fans accused Annie Idibia of bleaching after she shared a photo of her fingers on her Instagram account. 2face Idibia’s wife did not respond to the allegations.

Venita with her babyVenita with her baby

5) Venita Akpofure

In 2015 actress and former video vixen Venita Akpofure was accused of bleaching when she was pregnant. She did not take the accusation lightly and went on a rant on Twitter.

6) Maheeda

In December 2014, Maheeda confessed that she had stopped bleaching. “So I Stopped bleaching my skin, And I’m purposely losing weight” revealed Maheeda.

Benita OkojieBenita Okojie

7) Benita Okojie

Former Gospel music star Benita Okojie was accused of bleaching in 2014. In an interview with Y Naija she out rightly denied the claims. “You know it’s funny that people think I am bleaching because someone still mentioned it on social media a few days back. The truth is I have always been fair. I’ve never bleached” she said.

8) Ayo Adesanya

In 2014 veteran actress Ayo Adesanya was asked during an interview with Punch if she bleaches. “No I do not bleach my skin. When you see somebody that bleaches, you will know. I have sun burns and it is not a hidden thing. I have tried a lot of things to make it fade away but it has refused and I have come to terms with it” she said.

Cynthia MorganCynthia Morgan

9) Cynthia Morgan

Two years ago people accused the dancehall singer of using Dencia’s dark spot removal cream Whitenicious. Cynthia Morgan said she is not a fan of the cream and has never bleached.

Yvonne NelsonYvonne Nelson at the beach

10) Yvonne Nelson

The Ghanaian beauty is another celebrity that has been bogged with bleaching rumours. Tired of the accusations Yvonne Nelson spoke about it during a radio interview in 2014. “I don’t understand the whole bleaching thing; I am just tired of explaining. I am just tired of talking about it; people love to talk about me, I just don’t get it” said Yvonne Nelson.

It seems the bleaching trend will still continue despite everything

source: Pulse.ng


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