10 Genuine Compliments A Guy Can Ever Get From A Lady


Both men and women want to feel loved, recognized and appreciated for who they are and what they carry, no matter the level they find themselves. Here are 10 compliment you can say to your guy that will make his day, and not only his day, even his week especially if his primary love language is words of affirmation. Read on for some pretty damn adorable heartfelt compliments that make men ‘swoon’ when said to them by a special lady.

1. I’m proud of you.

2. I like your friends.

3. This was such a good date.

4. You’re the best at… (fill in the blank)

5. You’re handsome.

6. You’re so motivated.

7. You make me feel safe.

8. What would I do without you?

9. I love spending time with you.

10. You’re really funny.


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