10 Greatest Ways To Use Failure As A Motivator

There isn’t any sure way to become successful, but they are many sure ways to fail and it is very important that you avoid them at all costs.

The process of avoiding everything that could cause you to fail is called Inversion.

The whole thing is actually very simple – think of things that lead to failure, but don’t do them. Simple enough, right?

Check out these 10 things which successful people never do so you too can avoid failure in your dealings:

  • They never fail to take action: Successful people are always out there making moves. They fail fast, learn by doing and use their mistakes to become better in future. Yes, you can start without a plan, but at the same time you can’t plan forever. START DOING.

  • They never quit after the first try: Not all of your first attempts are going to work. In fact, you will probably fail multiple times before you reach the point you’re aiming for. Henry Ford created two car companies that  failed before the Ford Motor Company. JK Rowling had her book rejected by several publishers before Harry Potter. Abraham Lincoln lost five elections before her became president of the United States. Persistence is key.

  • They don’t presume to know everything: You can have an opinion and that’s okay, but you must be fatally flawed to think you have everything completely figured out. Successful people are curious, they know that they don’t know everything. They never stop learning and are always improving.

  • They don’t lie to themselves: Successful people don’t make stories about why they are not at the point which they want to be. They are always honest with themselves. Rationalizing the truth and refusing to face the truth will keep you rooted to the same spot.

  • They ALWAYS learn from their mistakes: When you make a mistake, you have two choices: you can either cry over spilt milk and take nothing away from it, or you can see the mistake for what it truly is and pick pointers from it. Making mistakes is okay, making same mistakes repeatedly is not.

  • They plan before starting: You need to act and make moves but you also need a plan. You don’t want to be like a person groping for stuff in the dark. Hiving a written plan makes you more likely to succeed. Map out your destination before travelling.

  • They don’t believe in luck: Does ‘luck’ play a part when it comes to success? Yes, of course. But you put yourself in the position to be lucky by putting in the hard work.

  • They never take everything on alone: You cannot succeed alone because you are not talented in every area. Henry Ford had a board of advisors. You need other smart people in your corner. Thinking you can do it on your own spells arrogance and humility is what is needed to succeed.

  • Impossible is absent in their vocabulary: The Wright brother didn’t thinking humans flying was impossible even when the rest of the world thought it was. They went on to create the airplane and the rest is history. You need to have an irrational amount of optimism to succeed because you’re hoping to achieve a certain level of success that people can’t fault.

  • They never stop growing: Successful people are never stagnant. They are constantly looking for new ways to grow, new skills to learn, and a new person to meet. This is why some people who look like they already have everything still continue to work. The need for growth is a basic human need. Once you stop growing you are effectively dead.

source: Pulse.ng


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