10 Hilarious Tweets About Black Friday Scam in Nigeria That Would Make you Roll

1. They say Jumia behaved like a typical yoruba boy

Jumia @JumiaNigeria is like the typical yoruba man who shouts upandan before a fight.

When the fight comes, starts behaving like spaghetti

2. Apparently, this is Hurtful Fam!

Jumia will say 90% Discount and u will be expecting to see iPhone 6 for N10k yet it’s still N199k they only removed 100 NAIRA

3. They say it’s White Friday! Haha!

For Jumia, Konga, Kaymu & Yudala. Their absolutely nothing black about this friday. Your price are so WHITE!!! #WhiteFriday

4. Oh Well, someone’s is about to take em’ to court!

I slept for Well @ noon so I will be awake at this Hour during some shopping Only For #Jumia and Konga to fall hand..Jumia see you in Court


5. And Someone Blamed Buhari. Haha

So all the items that did not load thruout the Night are now sold out.. SMH Jumia.. Typical Nigerian Economy.. Buhari Nice one Fam..

<strong>6. Nice One Fam!



Nigerians on Jumia at 12am
Jumia: *server not found*
Nigerians on Jumia at 6am
Jumia: *item sold out*



7. Ghosts bought all the goods on Jumia Fam!

Jumia’s website did not open all through the night.
Now the items are “sold out” suddenly.

Apparently, ghosts were buying them all along.

8. Apple hair cream

Hello @jumia do you people Have any Apple products today ?
Please how much is the Apple Hair Cream? #BlackFriday

9. After all the stress and you finally jam the owner of Jumia

10. And Jumia be looking at you all of you like:



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