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10 Nigerian Superstitions Explained

Everyone has superstitions they cling to.

Nigerians are no exception. Some of our superstitions are hilarious, others are just barbaric. Your belief system only serves to strengthen/weaken such ridiculous notions.

Here are some superstitions, I hope to rid you of today:

If you spit in a dirty place, you will get a sore throat

Nobody keeps track of where they spit. I’m very sure that most people spit in not-so-hygienic places and they don’t manage to get a throat infection. Where you spit is definitely not the cause of your sore throat.

Image: enkivillage

The first person you see in the morning determines how good/bad your day will go

This superstition is still in full swing today. Many people go out of their ways to avoid certain people who they believed caused them to have a bad day because that person was the first being they saw that morning. My advice: rather than apportioning blame or praise, work on going into every new day with a joyful heart.

Image: conersationsforabetterworld

If a child bends over and looks at a pregnant woman, he/she will change the sex of the unborn child

The sex of an unborn child is already determined by chromosomes at conception, nothing ever changes it.

Image: everydayfeminism

If you sleep with your legs leaning against the wall, you’re a witch (ogbanje)

Just because someone is different does not make them evil. Do you know this sleep position can be useful for people with bad backs?

Image: youtube

If you eat beans, you will grow taller

Although food helps in keeping one healthy and fit, it unfortunately does not increase one’s height. Only one’s genes determine how tall/short one will be.

Image: informationng

If a female infant pees on you, your next child would be female

Like I said before, chromosomes determine the sex of a child not pee.

Image: soups2nutsmedia

If you stick out your hand during the rain, thunder will strike you

This superstition right here was instrumental in keeping me inside on rainy days. I’ve never been “struck by thunder” but I bet it would hurt. This neat little lie was spurn by mothers desperate to keep their little ones indoors during the wet season.

Image: pexels

If a butterfly/moth perches near your door, it means you will have a visitor

Except your visitor happens to be the butterfly in question, I highly doubt anyone would be visiting.

Image: texasbutterflyranch

If a pregnant woman makes your hair, your hair will fall out

Whoever makes your hair has little or no effect on hair breakage, bad hair care practice can cause hair breakage.

Image: mattyerika

Girls shouldn’t eat Gizzard (from chickens) or they will be barren

Gizzard has not been scientifically proven to affect the reproductive health of women. Maybe it’s the feminist in me but I blame the participial nature of our society for this blatant lie. Many people do not know that Gizzard is revered in some areas and as such only men consume them.

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