10 Nigerian TV Shows We Miss

Growing up, there were some TV shows we were addicted to and these shows were great!

They wrapped us in suspense, made us co-writers by creating following scenes episode by episode and even actors when we tried to demonstrate the scenes to those friends who missed out on it later when discussing who did what the next day with our peers.

Today, we try to remind ourselves of what these shows were and what they meant for us:

1. Fuji House of Commotion

Fuji House of Commotion was one of the funniest on TV back then. It was a story of polygamous Chief Tajudeen Fuji who had concubines scattered all over the world and the likes of Ireti, Peace, Kunbi and Caro as legal wives. Then, he literally had a flock of children most popular of them are Rabiu, Radio without Battery and the likes. The show featured Kunle Bamtefa, Toun Oni, Ngozi Nwosu, John Njemanze and Iretiola Doyle to mention but a few.

2. I Need to Know

I Need to Know was a UNPFA programme which was part of the Federal Government’s effort to provide information, education and communication on adolescent health issues in the fourth Country Programme of Assistance. The show featured four girls, one of which was played by hit star, Funke Akindele.

3. Everyday People

Everyday people, that’s you that’s me was what the theme song said whenever it came on. It was the brainwork of Tajudeen Adepetu and saw a lot of Nigeria’s finest  (Sam Loco Efe, Carol King, Ify Onwuemene, Seun Soremi, Big Tony, Juliet Martin-Abazie) in one of the best family TV drama ever. It had a lot of stories interwoven into one drama series to give viewers great time whenever watching.


4. Checkmate

Checkmate was another Amaka Igwe production and featured Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ego Boyo, Francis Agu and the likes. One thing was common with the families on Checkmate, disharmony and every one of them dealt with several family issues ranging from a drunken dad to the absentee wife and mother.

5. Village Headmaster

The Village Headmaster was a Nigerian television drama series created by Olusegun Olusola, produced by Chief Dejumo Lewis. The drama series was Nigeria’s longest running television soap opera showed on Nigerian oldest television channel, NTA from 1968 to 1988. The drama stars the late Justus Esiri and Femi Robinson

6. Family Circle

Family Circle was with Ronnie Dikko and Norbert Young who were one of our favorite on-screen couples ever! It was a Tajudeen Adepetu production and was a general family delight as everyone in the family sat down to watch when it showed on AIT

7. Behind The Cloud

McArthur Fom who played Nosa in Behind the Clouds was idolized back then as he was one very hot young man. His no-nonsense elder sister was played by Ene Oloja and his father played by Zack Amata.

8. Ripples

Ripples ran for five years uninterrupted on NTA, rested in 1993. It featured the best brains in the industry, including Alex Usifo, Babara Soky, Clarion Chukwura, Lola Alao and many others. It was created by Zeb Ejiro.

9. Cock Crow at Dawn

Cock Crow At Dawn featured Sadiq Daba who played Bitrus and Ene Oloja who played Xamaye. The series which explored the life of a family uprooted from the city to the village and the trials and tribulations that they went through. A case of modern life meets rural life.

10. The New Masquerade

It was one of the funniest TV shows ever. There was Zebrudaya alias 4.30, Ovularia, Jegede Sokoya, Apena (played for many years by the singer Christy Essien Igbokwe), Clarus and Giringori and Nati who was forever hungry. These guys brought laughter to our faces on TV

source: OmgVoice


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