10 Things People With Many Siblings Can Relate To

Your siblings are probably the most annoying and irritating people in the world.

But you know that deep down, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

Fortunately/unfortunately some people weren’t ‘blessed’ with many siblings but those that were can totally relate to these things:

1. Not needing to invite people for birthday parties because the family is enough


2. Passing down clothes from one child to the next so only the eldest seems to get new clothes.


3. Everything is either a competition or a fight


4. When sleeping over at grandmas house, everyone has to sleep in the parlour IMG_20160305_183944

5. There is always gist at home


6. There is always a rich sibling that everyone begs fromblackish-7-gift

7. Having to hide all of your stuff and praying no one else sees it.


8. People always mixing up siblings and getting their names wrongIMG_20160229_205216

9. Getting into trouble for another person’s mistake IMG_20160228_085351

10. When it’s Christmas time and mom gets everyone matching outfits


source: OmgVoice


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