10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Nigerian Superstars P-Square

Peter and Paul Okoye, also known as P-Square have been at the forefront of the African music scene for a while. They played a significant role exporting the afrobeats music genre to the global scene partnering with artists such as Akon, Rick Ross, and TI. Here are a few facts you might not know about their journey to fame and success.

1. The group went through several name changes

Inspired by Micheal Jackson, their dance group was first called Smooth Criminals, then Double P then P&P and Da Pees before sticking to P-Square.


2. They belong to the top 10 richest musicians in Africa

The twins recently purchased a 2 million euro mansion in San Francisco.

3. Paul used to be an electrician

According to an interview given to radio station Beat 99.9 FM, he used to “fix fans, boilers and electrical things”.

4. Peter sold mangoes

Peter preferred climbing in his school to steal mangoes and sell them.

5. Because they look so much alike, the twins stopped dressing identically at the age of 13 

This is not a surprise for identical twins.

6. They have totally different personalities

Peter is more the club type.He writes the dancing songs. Paul is the lover. He prefers being discrete and writing the love songs.

7. Paul changed his hairstyle because of Peter

As a teenager Peter used to be a troublemaker, and people would mistake him for Paul. Paul consequently decided to look different than his twin.

8. In 2010, P-Square won the Artist of the Year at the KORA All Africa Music Award in Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso

They received a $1 million prize.

9. At first, their dad did not want them to sing

He wished that his sons focused on their music. He later became their biggest fan.

10. A talent show put them on the map

They won the Grab the Music talent show. The prize was a keyboard that helped them produce several songs.


source: afrizap


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