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Out Of 100 Most Influential Women In 2016, 2 Nigerian Women Made The BBC List (Read Details)

For 2016, a list of 100 women has been made and 2 Nigerian women made the list. On a yearly basis the BBC makes a list of the most inspirational and influential women. Some of the BBC 100 women of 2016 These women will bring you groundbreaking moments of defiance, new takes on fairy tales, stories of octogenarian cheerleading, and take you inside the world of e-gaming.

Others will be exploring black feminism or taking part in our first ever live festival. You will hear from some of the world’s biggest names but also from women you may never have heard of, but who all have astonishing stories to tell.

BBC 100 women

Some of the most influential women 2016

Here are some of the women on the list:

1. Alicia Keys the US songwriter and singer

2. Aline Mukovi Neema, a student and activist from Congo

3. Amna Suleiman, the bike protester and teacher

4. Amy Roko,  a 24-year-old comedian from Saudi Arabia

5. Asel Sadyrova, an archer from Krgyzstan

6. Ashwaq Moharram, a doctor from Yemen

7. Babs Forman, a make-up artist from the UK

8. Becci Wain a health assistant in the UK

9. Carmen Aristegui, an investigative journalist from Mexico

10. Carolina De Oliveira, a mental health campaigner from Syria You can check the full list here.

The only two Nigerian women on the list are:

1. Omotade Alalade

Omotade Alalade

Omotade Alalade

Omotade Alalade is the 30-year-old founder of Bei Bei Haven foundation, a foundation focused on infertility. BeiBei Haven Foundation is a non-profit organisation driven by its mandate to support women/couples on their journey from trying to concieve to parenthood. The foundation provide grants and support to families dealing with the loss of a pregnancy or infertility. Alalade says: “Support and knowledge go a long way in helping women deal with infertility and baby loss.”

2. Funke-Bucknor Obruthe

Funke Bucknor Obruthe

Funke Bucknor Obruthe

Let us let Funke Bucknor introduce herself, she said in a recent interview: “I am Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, a graduate of the University of Lagos, I studied Law. I am presently the MD/CEO of Zapphaire Events a reputable event planning company. “I am married with 2 kids. Zapphaire Events is an event consultancy, marketing, planning and management company. “We are also event producers and public relations consultants with the aim of constantly providing excellent services for all event needs. We have been in existence for 10 years.” Funke Bucknor says: “What inspires me is the need to see those around me succeed, pulling the next human being up, and not accepting failure as an option.” Congratulations to both women!


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