11 Super Qualities That Describe A Husband Material

In the journey of choosing a life partner, below are the qualities you need to watch out for in your man before saying YES to his proposal.
1. Emotional maturity
How well his he able to control his impulse when argument becomes tough between you two? Look for a man who is able to calm himself during stress, disappointment and pressure; a man who would rather not unleash his annoyance on you during this time. He should be able to attend to issues as they come and proffer positive solutions. He must be able to confront challenges in a steady and responsively manner.
2. He shares virtually everything with you
Changing one’s orientation from a particular belief; how you decide to live your life, is why alot of people don’t share their secrets. Besides, it is very difficult to have your mind changed overnight on something you’ve abide to, for a very long time. You know you are making a perfect choice if he’s open to sharing everything with you without reservations.
Most importantly, he looks into the future and share plans and values regarding all that brings happiness into the marriage. He would be careful not to totally take charge of defining how the future ends with you both, by ensuring his plan corresponds with those you have in mind too. When you see a man who’s on the same lane with you, he might just be the one.
3. Must be apologetic
It is easy to spot a man who’s full of himself from a distance. A man who would prefer being nicknamed “tough”, even at the expense of taking your feelings for granted. Study your man, and ensure he feels truly sorry whenever he did something wrong to you or to someone else. A man who would make a great husband, would do all it takes to bring back the smile he caused you to lose.
4. He must be a great motivator
A happy life comes with the feeling of being appreciated. No one knows it all. In this regard, how is he able to appreciate the little you can do perfectly? A husband material will appreciate your good food, embrace you for being so organized, and encourage you from time to time. Ensure your man is capable of making you feel appreciated.
You are most likely to live a happy life when your man is intentionally willing to demonstrate his respect to you, through his actions and words. His level of education does not matter here. If he is able to give indepth recommendations and advice which inturn, helps in making awesome decisions, you can always trust your instincts of leading you to a right choice of man.
5. His ability to maintain healthy conversations
It is okay to disagree with each other once in a while, but how does he handle the scenario? What makes a marriage is the ability of each couple, especially the man, to know his way around conflicts. One who is going to make a great husband should be able to calm a heat conversation.
6. Not prying into your privacy
In real sense, every man must respect your privacy. Digging beyond to know who that text messages and your last call is coming from, as well as trying to know the relationship between you and the sender would only give him a cause to lose trust. Why then would you want to be with a man who doesn’t trust you?
7. What has changed since you met him
It doesn’t matter if you have being with your partner for over 2 years, neither does it matter if your love game is below 2 months. Ask yourself what has changed in your life, or what impact has being in a relationship with him generates. You aimed to being better on the things you can do, but would appreciate being the best at it. What are his contribution towards helping you achieve your objectives?
8. A man who does not restrict you to certain things
You are who you are. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any set rules binding you from doing certain things in the relationship. A man who threatens you with a breakup “if you don’t come spend the weekend” is NOT a husband material! This is the kind who will always have you caged in marriage with a selfish “do” and “don’t” rules.
9. One who respects your family
Started from the bottom, says Drake. It is never too early for a good man, who is willing to become a good husband to show respect to every members of your family.
10. A man who can satisfy you in bed
No no, no way! I can imagine what runs through your head as you see this part. I’m still an advocate of “no s*x before marriage” so it’s not what you think. His ability to satisfy you in bed goes beyond intimacy alone. He should be able to do the things you derive pleasure from. If he is able to satisfy you in bed, you won’t have to get such happiness anywhere else. Do you understand? *Winks
11. Must take your relationship seriously.
Be careful about making decisions around this reason. Men huzzles. They work and get paid to be able to fund some personal bills. All the same, a man should be there for his partner when he is needed. He must place issues regarding your relationship on priority. Relationship is time and commitment. Both works hand in hand.
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