11 Things You Should Never Say To A Nigerian Mom

Saying one thing now and meaning another thing the next minute. As hard as they may seem they are also extremely sensitive so these are a few things you should never ever say to your Nigerian mom.

1. ‘Shut up’

This is probably the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life. Nigerian mothers love to talk and so you must love to listen.



2.  ‘This food is not sweet’

Then you better not want to eat anything she cooks again



3. ‘You’re looking fat’

Especially after she told you last week that she was on a diet. Get ready for your silent treatment.


4. ‘Can’t you figure it out’

You’re not allowed to say this even if you’ve shown her how to change her whatsapp picture 38 times.12-1

5.’Your dress isn’t fine’

Even if the dress looks like something that something from the 60’s you tell her its beautiful.


6. ‘I love daddy more than I love you’

If you say this to her just expect the ‘after all i have done for you’ speech. It’s not nice.


7. ‘I’m not wearing that outfit to church’

Then you’re not definitely not going to church.



8. ‘No’

Big mistake!



9. ‘Never’ 

Biggest mistake.



10. ‘You can’t force me’

That’s when you’ll realise that she has the strength of a thousand men.IMG_20160306_184243

11. ‘Do your worst’

Just get ready for your funeral


source: OmgVoice


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