12 Superfoods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is a problem that has got millions of women worrying. It is an issue that can be prevented if you eat the right kinds of foods. It has been seen that some women are more prone to breast cancer as compared to others. However, eating the right diet and consuming certain kinds of superfoods helps in preventing breast cancer. So here are some amazing superfoods that aid in breast cancer prevention, along with giving you a health boost-


This is a superfood that is easily available in the kitchens of most people. Both fresh and dried forms of turmeric can be used to prevent breast cancer. There is a chemical called curcumin found here that provides the colour of yellowness to the turmeric. This particular chemical helps in fight breast cancer tumours. It also contains an anti-inflammatory effect. So you should try to consume at least 2 spoons of the turmeric powder or juice on a daily basis to ensure that you are on the right track to prevent breast cancer.


Another superfood that really helps in preventing breast cancer is broccoli. It is rich in antioxidants and contains ingredients that are known for preventing malignant tumours. To get the most of this benefit, you should try to consume the broccoli with the stems and leaf, which contain high amount of the cancer preventing enzymes.

Food That Prevents Breast Cancer


Tomatoes contain a carotenoid that is known for providing it with the red colour. It is also this carotenoid that is high on antioxidants and helps you to prevent cancer by fighting free radicals. Have at least one tomato a day if your family has a history of breast cancer.


This teeny little spice is known for improving the cell cycling functions. Basically this helps in preventing cancerous cells from spreading and it is also known to regulate and element called allyl sulfide. This is only found in the onion family and so you can add raw onions to your diet too. However, it is best to have the garlic in raw forms. You should try to swallow the garlic in the morning or have it raw in salads for best results.


Lime or lemons are very high in antioxidants along with vitamin C. This combination is known to preserve breast cancer cells from getting malignant and even cure them. In fact, research has shown that the peel of the lemon has more beneficial and cancer healing properties as compared to the fruit itself. It is recommended that one should try to have a spoon of grated lemon peel a day to prevent breast cancer.APPLES

Apples, especially their peels are high on nutrients and cancer fighting cells. You should consume more of apples with peels everyday to prevent breast cancer. Getting rid of the peel means that you are depriving yourself of essential nutrients. So avoid peeling apples when eating.


All kinds of berries like Indian gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc are high on free radical fighting agents and antioxidants. Consuming berries on an everyday basis, be it juice or even munching on them is known to cure and heal breast cancer.


Pomegranates contain a chemical that is known for fighting and treating cancer, especially estrogen-dependent cancers. Try to consume pomegranates in your diet via munching on them or having them in salads or even other juice forms. But try to include the seeds too when consuming for added benefits.


Walnuts help to slow down the growth of cancer. This has been seen especially in the cases of breast cancer, where regular diet of walnuts not only slowed down the growth of cancer but worked in synch with other medicines to provide beneficial results.


Fish oils are a very good way to fight off cancers of all kinds. But breast cancer in particular is known to be cured from eating fish on a regular basis. Vegetarians can try the fish oil here. The omega fatty acids in the fish help to ward off the cancer and also melt the tumour to a certain extent.


Flax seeds are a highly nutritive snack that you must consume to gain benefits of fighting cancer. It contains lignans, fiber and essential fatty acids too like omega 3. This helps in forming a protective layer around the tissues of the breast and thus prevent cancerous cells from attacking the area. You can either have the seed or its oil too.


A recent study has shown that green tea contains antioxidants along with different chemicals, which are known to have anti-cancer benefits. In particular it helps to get rid of breast cancer and prevents the cells from getting more malignant, in combination with other therapies.


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