13 Heart-Rending Reasons Why Femi Kuti Will Never Support President Buhari

Femi Kuti

Son of Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Afrobeats maestro in his own right, Femi gave reasons why he would never support President Buhari.

Among the reasons he gave included the fact that President Buhari jailed Fela while he was military president in 1984. According to the then Major General Buhari led government, Fela was arrested because he was caught while attempting to export £1,600 in foreign currency – money that Fela said he had earned, quite legally, abroad.


News about Fela's widow recounting memories with the late music legendLate Afrobeat legend Fela  Anikulapo Kuti

Fela said of the arrest after his release in April 1986 that “they didn’t want me to go to the USA to play. They wanted to deal with me in a special way. They have dealt with me violently, and now they wanted to deal with my mind.”

Femi is also not the first Kuti to criticize President Buhari. His brother Seun also said: “For you to jail that man you must be inherently evil.”

See Femi’s tweets below:

1. The initial question



2. “Buhari Jailed my father”



3. “I never supported the APC”



4. “I dont waste my time arguing on Twitter”



5. “The VP can confirm i refused to support any political party”  


6. “I had to clear the air so many wont be confused”



7. “You want to teach me how to conduct my life?”



 8. “What about the wickedness Fela went through?”



  9. “The president was confused”



10. “Maybe he doesn’t know how to express himself”



11. “So Fela’s suffering does not matter?” 



12. “Do you know my father better than me?”



13. “Yes, the Vice President visited me, but that does not mean i supported him”  




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