13 Worst Performing State Governors So Far In 2016

Abiola Ajimobi

Nigeria is facing hard times. The economy is not doing well. Insecurity is on the rise. Militant activities have crippled the oil well sector. There are troubles in the political parties. Amid all these, some governors are not not making it any better for the people of their states, that range from terrible policies and programmes, insecurity, economic plan and a host of others. Here is a look at some of these governors in the past quarter of the year.

1. Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo State: Abiola Ajimobi is the second term governor of Oyo state – becoming the first man to be the state governor twice. Ajimobi’s second term in office has not been well for the people of Oyo state with no remarkable projects embarked on. His government has been held up in so many controversies. One recent example is the shut down of schools after students protested over allegations that he had sold their schools. Ajimobi reportedly accused head teachers in Oyo state of instructing their pupils to insult him; hence, he insisted they must apologize before their schools can be reopened. He re-opened it after their apologies.

2. Rauf Aregbesola: It is 6 years that Osun state governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been steering the affairs of the state. He was returned to office in November 27, 2014 for a second term. So many things can be said to be wrong with Ogbeni’s 6 year old administration in the state. This includes running government without commissioners, no local government elections, the recent hijab crisis, backlog of workers’ salaries among others.

3. Aminu Bello Masari, Katsina: If not for anything, Governor Masari was few weeks ago hit by Nigerian social media for his empowerment scheme of distributing 720 high breed of goats worth N104 million to 240 women. This is calculated to be N144, 000 for each goat.
He said that each of 240 women selected across the 34 local governments would be given two female goats and one male goat. What an empowerment!

4. Yahaya Bello of Kogi state:
Kogi state, once Nigeria’s seat of capital is now in ruins. From Ejule to Lokoja and beyond, from infrastructure to the economy, the state’s government has done little or nothing in shaping up the lives of its citizens. There are no good roads in the state, no viable commercial activities; state government paid staff and pensioners hasn’t been paid in months; to say that the governor is a monumental failure will be a ‘light praise.’

5. Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State:

The senator turned governor is amongst the worst performing governors in Nigeria. With all the huge funds accrued to to the state, Delta state capital Asaba in terms of infrastructural development is very backward. There are no good roads in the town, no drainage, no light and No water. The government has also done nothing in salvaging the precarious security situation of the state. Delta state has always been plagued with bad leaders whom are after their pockets. Mr Okowa should map out ways in dealing with the insecurity and embarking on massive infrastructural projects in the oil rich state.

6. Samuel Ortom of Benue State:
Benue state governor has gotten himself a slot in the league of the worst performing governors. Since his inception into office, the ex-minister has not initiated or executed any viable project in his state. More so, the marauding Fulani herdsmen have been killing the people of the state in their thousands, and homes and villages been sacked. The governor has done nothing in securing his people against the killers. Ortom recently confessed that the herders invasion in the state is beyond his powers as the Governor.

7. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State

Fayose is Nigeria’s most controversial and outspoken governor. The Ekiti state governor is always making the headlines. The recent major one bothered on issues concerning Presdient Buhari’s wife. He is quoted as saying that ‘Stomach infrastructure is a way of life’. He was also recently involved in a brawl with the EFCC for freezing his personal account. He also talks on his issues surrounding PDP – a party that is so dear to his heart. He attacks the president at any slightest opportunity instead of bringing up projects that will uplift the state. His state, Ekiti is the poorest and the least developed state in the southwest and one of the poorest in Nigeria with no capital projects. He some months ago commissioned local hunters to stand as force against herdsmen invasion in the state.

8. Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara State
Referred to as Omo-odo Saraki (House boy of former governor Saraki), Abdulfatah Ahmed is the baby-boy and stooge of Dr Saraki, Nigeria’s Senate President. Since he assumed office years back, Kwara has not experienced any significant growth that culminated into the well-being of its citizens. Recently, news of foods being stolen from fire in the state was in the media, leading many to conclude that the hunger in the state was on the rise.

9. Shettima of Borno State
Terrorism and Insurgency are two of the major stains in Governor Shettima’s administration in Borno state. Non pro-active measure from him as the governor of the state to deal with the insurgents. Economic and commercial activities have been at the lowest ebb. Shettima’s excuse has been that of Insecurity, with no clear developmental and reconstruction plans for his state

10. Darius Ishaku of Taraba state
After his narrow defeat over his rival Mrs Aisha Alhassan. Ishaku has not delivered on his electoral mandate in any major form. Talk about roads, health care, education, security, economy are in worst conditions.

11. Tanko AL-makura of Nasarawa
Nasarawa state should be one of the best states in Nigeria in terms of revenue drive/generation and infrastructural growth, taking its proximity to Abuja as an advantage, but reverse is the case. It is one of the poorest state, north of Nigeria. The governor does not know what it means to prioritize needs. A governor that once wanted to embark on the construction of a cargo airport in the state without standard markets and commercial activities taking place in it. State and local government workers haven’t been paid for months in the state, and no viable project have been commissioned in the state since 2014; one wonders where all the revenue accrued to the state goes. Tanko is one of the governors that squanders federal government allocations on frivolities.

12. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state:
Since Ugwuanyi assumed power a year ago, nothing seems working in Enugu state. He is said to be the most ‘’dormant’’ governor in the south-east region of the country. The vibrant capital of the old eastern region, touted to be the entertainment hub of the southeast is now turning to a shadow of its old self. Watchers have started speculating about the possibility of the governor in securing a second term for himself come 2019.

13. Nyesome Wike, Rivers State:
Governor Wike is a major force in Nigerian politics. He battled a sitting governor, APC led state government and the federal might at various courts. Elections under Governor Nyesom Wike have been a nightmare, either ends inconclusive or the Election Umpire, attacked or the state is tense due to hoodlums’ activities. Insecurity is on the rise in Rivers state. Roads are bad. Kidnappings are on the increase. Tax force also extort youths in the state.

Source: nigerianbulletin


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