15 Necessary Things Every Woman Needs To Know Before Having A Baby

The need to have a kid is occasionally so solid that we reserved that the life we presently lead will certainly alter drastically the minute we go through the door of motherhood as well as hold our baby for the very first time. I have actually discovered there are specific points every brand-new or anticipating mommy needs to recognize.

  1. You will make friends because of your child.

2. Your subject of conversation during pregnancy is pregnancy.

3. Your subject of conversation after birth will be your new baby.

4. Pregnancy clothes are expensive. Get ready.

5. You will discover that your old clothes are not suitable for breastfeeding.

6. You will better understand your mother.

7. The first night at home after birth is the scariest.

8. Your sleep will become light as a feather.

9. Breastfeeding should not hurt. This only happens if the baby is positioned on the chest the wrong way.
10. Having a baby changes your body. There is no way around it.

11. You will begin to wonder how you ever lived without your precious baby.

12. Most of your purchases will be for your child.

13. s*x with your husband will be different. However, things will become normal again over time.

14. Lemon juice helps morning sickness and everything that comes along with it in the first months of pregnancy.

15. Do not buy clothes hoping to lose weight.


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