15 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Been To A Nigerian Airport Will Immediately Get

1. When they tell you to come 2 hours before your flight.

why na

Am I the pilot?

2. When someone tries to help you carry your luggage by force.

oversabi 2

Who sent you message?

3. When you enter and the smell of stockfish hits you.

The Smell

Na wa. Don’t they sell stockfish where you people are going?

4. When every other check-in queue is short but your own is long.

struggle is real

See me see trouble.

5. When someone tries to cut in front of you on the line.

excuse me

Sorry oh! The rest of us on the queue must look like moi-moi to you.

6. “I’m coming, please help me watch my bag.”

what the

Do you know me from somewhere?

7. When they are weighing your bag and you start praying against extra luggage.

praying gif

God please, I’m broke.

8. When an airport staff asks “anything for us?”

side eye mean

Are you my child?

9. When the announcer’s accent sounds like it’s from a completely different planet.

what saying

“Hartenshorn pliz, deezis a bordin hannounzmen for Earo Contractor flai 364 tew Laygorz…”

10. When you see someone that has overdressed.

judgin you

Clap for yourself, na you get the whole airport.

11. When they tell you to take off your shoes.

the one about being tired

The absolute worst.

12. When they start touching you anyhow on top security protocol.

calm down please

Take it easy, abeg.

13. When they try to force you to check in your hand luggage.


It’s like your daddy is mad.

14. When they announce that your flight has been delayed.

denxel crying

Of course it has.

15. When you’re hungry and you hear the price of airport food.


What? Is this a joking sturvs?

So, did we miss anything?

Credit: Zikoko.com


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