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Most Creative Coffins Nigerians & Ghanaians Have Been Buried In

Some people want a normal burial while the others want to be burried in style.

Nigerians and Ghanaians have a thing for stylish burials and we have seen people buried in cars, coke bottles etc. We take a look at 10 most iconic caskets from Nigeria and Ghana in recent yearscas1

A man decided to get buried in a casket that looks like boot… This might ensure he marches into heaven properly

As the baddest nurse of doctor, getting buried in a syringe might be  a major key to getting a pass to heaven


Let’s ride into heaven in a Mercedes Benz. Peep the number plate, this one is with love from Ghana.cas4


This person will probably be sipping coke as he makes his way into eternal glory

Why go for a new bible in heaven when you can get buried in one from life?cas8


A proper trader in life might want to be a proper trader in heaven. This person got burried in a table that looks like Tomato cart


How about playing a piano for Michael Jackson, Da Grin e.t.c in heaven?cas12


This one is for video directors that love beers just as much. cas14



Oshey! Super Eaglescas16









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