17 Things You Ignorantly Do That Will Make Him Lose Interest in You


There’s that and many more things females unknowingly do to make guys loose interest in them. My own deal breaker is bad breath, i can’t stand it.

Who else hates it when you’re on a date with someone and the girl snapchats every single detail of the date? and when a fine girl passes she makes one mean comment like ‘see that one, i’m sure that her gucci bag is bend down select”.


1. Staring at your phone while he’s talking.

2. Putting yourself down by referring to yourself as ugly and stupid.

3. Fishing for compliments.

4. Expecting him to pay.

5. Criticizing another girl for what she’s wearing or how much make-up she has on.

6. Having bad breath.

7. Starting pointless arguments over every little thing.

8. Trying to change the way he looks or acts.

9. Acting like a little girl instead of a grown woman.

10. Taking hours to respond to his texts.

11. Acting like you’re way out of his league and he should be lucky he even gets to talk to you.

12. Giving him one word answers.

13. Being a Nag and always being negative with criticisms

14. Cancelling plans with him at the last second.

15. Bragging about your ex.

16. Showing up to a date late without even giving an apology.

17. Snapchatting the entire time that you’re out together.


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