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Here Are The 15 Nollywood Actors/Actresses Who Play The Same Role In Every Movie


Here are a few Nollywood stars who have been stereotyped regularly and the roles they’re stereotyped into:

1. Patience Ozokwor – Wicked Mother

Once you see Patience Ozokwor’s name in a movie, she’s the wicked mother whose children are forever getting in trouble with other people in the community or she’s the wicked stepmother who’s pressurizing her child not to marry from a family for whatever reasons she has.

She’s almost always ready to do anything to pursue her mission, including going diabolical.


2. Jim Iyke – IJGB brother

Jim Iyke is that brother of yours who just got back from America and won’t let Lagos get to him. He’s always clubbing like he’s still abroad, leaving his shirt open and blasting music when he’s driving.

He also has his way with girls because well, he’s normally loaded and doesn’t know how to spend the money wisely.


3. John Okafor – Mumu

When you see John Okafor or Mr Ibu in an advert, there are two things you should know! First, the movie is going to be a comedy.

Secondly, he’s the one they’re playing pranks on always. It’s safe to say his stupidity knows no bounds. He’s the village clown, the one everybody knows but do not want to associate with.


4. Olu Jacob – Igwe

For someone who’s Yoruba, Olu Jacob sure makes the perfect Igwe whenever. Proof that he’s an amazing actor.

Most times, he’s the king with ruthless kids and has to be calm when addressing them or most times, the king whose kingdom is on fire.



5. Gentle Jack – Bodyguard or Armed Robber

Looking for the perfect gangster or bodyguard in a movie? Gentle Jack is your guy. His name in short is enough for you to believe that he’s the right man for the job.

When he’s not obeying instructions to kill people in movies, he’s jealously guarding his bosses.



6. Ngozi Ezeonu – Queen Mother

Talk about Ngozi Ezeonu and you think of the yellow beautiful woman who is normally the queen mother in the movies she plays.

She probably has ruthless children too and is working on keeping their bad behavior to the royal courtyard.


7. Hanks Anuku – American returnee bad boy

Hanks Anuku is another amazing returnee bad boy. He does everything. He looks like Snoop Dogg on a regular so extra bonus points for that.

Apart from that, he’s painting the town red upon arrival and mispronouncing all the local words he knows.


8. Kanayo O. Kanayo – Ritualist

Kanayo O. Kanayo is that uncle who started from the bottom but all of a sudden has money and you don’t know where it came from.

From there, people start to die in the family and then it becomes fishy. His bulgy eyes will even scare you from collecting his money.


9. Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme – Village nuisances

“Aki eh and pawpaw”. These two are the village trouble makers. Right from the first movie they acted in, they’ve been like that.

Sometimes they’re not paired together but still, they go around the one thing they know how to do best – look for trouble.


10. Pete Edochie – Igwe

Calm words, constant thinking laced with stubborn children? Their father obviously has to be Pete Edochie.

Pete Edochie is known for his deep quotes that will have you thinking about what you’ve done and how it resulted to something like this.

Nevertheless, he’s a great man for Igwe and he’s the calm type regularly.

11. Pete-Edochie1 Agu – Evil uncle with the most hilarious slangs

Chinwetalu Agu is the adult version of “Aki and pawpaw”. He’s looking for trouble wherever he is: whether he’s in the Igwe in council meeting, or the brother’s wife house or the village square.

He’s looking for what to covet and who to destroy. What makes him the most fun? He has his hilarious slangs and we hear he never repeats any. Impressive!

Chinwetalu-Agu-819x1024 (1)

12. Tony Umez – The man controlled by women

Tony Umez is that uncle of yours who used to come visit you and buy you things when coming but got married and stopped bringing anything.

In short, he stops coming frequently. Because he’s obeying his new wife and he doesn’t want to cause wahala.


13. Camilla Mberekpe – Witch and marine spirit

If you have seen Nwanyi Asaba, then auntie Camilla Mberekpe doesn’t need any introduction. She is the queen of the marine spirits, forever appearing and disappearing in the movie.


14. Chioma Akpotha – Good girl

Chioma Akpotha is the good girl who’s oppressed by her wicked step mother or mother in law but still has faith that someday, they will like her eventually.



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