The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari like any other President has been the subject of a lot of funny memes, here are the best Buhari memes you will come across on the Internet.

1. This meme about who to blame for Nigeria’s problems is the absolute best.

Buhari funny meme 20

2. Then somebody obviously decided to make a joke about Buhari’s visit to Germany and Angela Merkel.

Buhari funny meme 13

3. This meme is just perfect to make fun of anybody, you should save it. I am sure you have, just look at your life. Smh

Buhari Funny meme 3

4. People of the internet do not want to leave Buhari and Merkel alone. This was really funny to see.

Buhari funny meme 44

5. This meme is for all those who keep thinking Buhari is shy.

Buhari funny meme 12

6. If you have seen ‘White House Down’, this particular meme will make you laugh.

Buhari funny meme 10

7. Someone made a meme out of the most famous line in the president’s inaugural speech.

Buhari funny meme 8

8. And another meme about his performance in various aspects. We did not say anything o.

buhari funny meme 6

9. Buhari here in his role as Buharlin, in a land of no fuel, the fate of …….

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Buhari funny meme 22

10. This meme was quite relevant when the president was searching for his result.

buhari funny meme 4

11. The Buhari ear infection saga led to a whole batch of new memes like this

Buhari funny meme 5

12. Buhari’s many trips caused Nigerians to plan giveaways based on them. Predict and Win!!

Buhari funny meme 21

13. When she cannot even cook like your mum, this is the perfect facial expression

Buhari funny meme 18

14. The beauty of Aisha Buhari was perfectly described with this meme

Buhari funny meme 2

15. When you ask for a loan in Nigeria right now, this is the most likely answer you will get

Buhari funny meme 25

16. The smile on Buhari’s face perfectly fits this tweet. Nigerians are hilarious.

Buhari funny meme 26

17. Indeed the president was a good, bad guy during his youth.

buhari funny meme 1

18. The face of the Sokoto state governor, Aminu Tambuwal in this picture will absolutely make your day.

Buhari funny meme 17

19. The recent campaign launched by the president has not seen spared in the creating of cartoons

Buhari asukwo

20. The reaction of Obasanjo to Buhari’s speech was hilariously shown in this meme

Buhari speech