10 Nigerian Religious Posters That Will Crack You Up

Wow, there’s nothing you wouldn’t find on the average Nigerian streets.

These posters are real and sincere apologies for the poor quality, but these are darn hilarious.

1. id you offend any of your family members?

hanbills 2


2. Village Tinz…

Handbills 1


3. This would have been a Nigerian Job….

Handbills 3


4.  That awkward moment when you get born again but still want to go clubbing.

Handbills 4


5. 45, single and searching.

Handbills 5


6.  He’s definitely got to be one of Jacob’s Sons…

Handbills 6


7. Was his dad a hunter? Perhaps from “Things fall apart.”

Handbills 7


8. He’s definitely into sitcoms and soaps

Handbills 9


9.  Hmmmm! No comments.

Handbills 8


10. When you’re late on rent and your landlord has been on your case sending you messages and missed calls.

Handbills 10

source: omgvoice



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  1. I thought HOW Africa is for all Africa not just Nigeria. You are just bombing us with Nigerian news & facts which is not what we want. You are loosing me.

    • Sorry! This is HowNg and not How Africa. The contents we publish on the this site are all about Nigeria. Thanks

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