26 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Diezani


Diezani K. Alison-Madueke was elected the ever female President of OPEC, at the 166th OPEC Ordinary meeting in Vienna on 27 November 2014. She was Nigeria’s minister of transportation on 26 July 2007.

Diezani, who is currently undergoing treatment of cancer in the United Kingdom and recently, the Boss Newspaper published a long article on her health and some activities about her as former Minister in Nigeria among others.

Here are twenty facts gathered from Trent online on the embattled former Minister of Petroleum in Nigeria.

These are some irrefutable facts on what the issues are:

1. She has not used pathos nor appealed for anyone’s sympathy. She is just a sick woman that even delayed her hospital photos till she had a slight break from the chemo. While, in office she was undergoing chemo in the UK. The cancer seems to have progressed.

2. She has not sought an injunction from any court that would stop her prosecution.

3. Sick people are prosecuted. Buhari’s army even court martials dead soldiers. Deziani has not told anyone she cannot stand a trial.

4. Deziani is in the UK, same place that jailed Ibori and was prosecuting late Alamieseigha. The same UK that has an extradition agreement with Nigeria.

5. Deziani is facing ZERO charges in the UK. The National Crime Agency said they had NO plans to prosecute her.

6. The Nigerian Senate cleared NNPC of any fraud under Alison-Madueke as petroleum Minister.

7. External world-reputed auditors, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, audited Diezani’s NNPC. They did not find her wanting.

8. For 6 months, since the media lynching began, Buhari, Oshiomole, and associates have been unable to bring up charges against her.

9. We understand that more international auditors have been commissioned to investigate her. The silence from the All Progressives Congress (APC) is deafening on this. Could it be they are finding ZERO evidence of wrongdoing?

10. Six months after Buhari took office, No single indictment traced to her!


11. The new NNPC boss, Ibe Kachikwu praised Diezani and her initiatives, right there on national TV, before the Senate when he was being screened for minister. Today, he is minister of state for Petroleum. Buhari has named himself minister of Petroleum.

12. The SUBSIDY FRAUD Buhari and associates accused her of, they are paying the same amounts she paid even when crude oil price has been halved.

13. It is the same arrangements for refining fuel abroad, and so on that NNPC is still using under Buhari The same contracts and idea Diezani signed.

14. Buhari having shot from the hips, banned all the vessels she approved to lift crude oil. All the vessels have been given a clean bill of health, by the same Buhari, and cleared to continue lifting crude.

15. The Tompolo that she and her government put in charge of waterway security and as some sort of “citizen policing/vigilante”, the Buhari government and NIMASA, having reviewed the contracts and have stated that Tompolo has the job for the next ten years.

16. Fuel scarcity was minimal in her time of service with prices remaining constant even through Christmas period.

17. The fuel queues and black market which only came about by sabotage at the end of her government’s tenure is alive and well now, especially outside Lagos. Black market is booming again under Buhari.

18. The oil theft has not abated since she left, showing the intractability of that malaise and that she is not to blame. As a matter of fact, oil theft has increased under Buhari.

19. Moreover, she is not the police that should become GI Jane and go after oil thieves.

20. Again, not one “subsidy cabal” has been linked to her or her company, the way Lagos tax collection companies are linked to Tinubu and Fashola.

21. Buhari and Nigeria in six months have not been able to show how removing her from office as Petroleum Minister has led to increased earnings in anyway. They have not told us the production quotas declared under her were short. It is same volume of crude oil production under Diezani that continue under Buhari.

22. There is evidence of fraud against Fashola placed on public notice by his successor ranging from grossly overpaid for websites,boreholes and footbridges paid for but never built. There is a standing judicial decision against Amaechi in Rivers. None yet on Diezani Madueke.

23. Evidence of the Monorail of Amaechi and Fashola trains are there as monuments to their failure. Diezani successfully fixed four refineries to very appreciable extents that Buhari was credited wih doing them with body language. While Amaechi’s monorail has been declared a waste of state resources and moneys being voted to clear the billion Naira worth of debris, None of Diezani’s project have been question til date.

24. Nigeria has in six months paid N62 Billion to a company which owns REMITA from the TSA funds. The transaction have been flagged by the Senate and populace. With same Saraki in the 7th Senate, None of her project has been flagged til date.

25. While people say “the courts have not declared them thieves” on Fashola and Rotimi, those same witches and wizards have condemned (without any charge even brought against her) THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND ONE OF THE MOST EDUCATED AND ACCOMPLISHED WOMEN EVER IN NIGERIA. Ever, ever, ever!!!

26. We restate Diezani’s accomplishments:

a. She is an architect. How many women architects do you know personally?

b. She has a masters degree from CAMBRIDGE. That is an IVY LEAGUE school.


d. She has held THREE MINISTERIAL POSITIONS SINCE 2007. Transport, Mines and Steel, and then the position Amaechi and Tinubu can murder someone over PETROLEUM. Buhari is stepping into her shoe as petroleum minister. This woman has put in 8 years of meritorious service to her country.



g. She was Vice President of OPEC before then.

h. She is also the first ever female Transport Minister in Nigeria


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