27 Things That Has Happened In Nigeria Since President Buhari Took Over


President Muhammadu Buhari has been able to record some successes in his administration so far.

Below are 27 things that has happened since inception of President Muhammadu as Grand Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  1. Relocation of Military Central Command Centre to Borno from Abuja
  2. Listing of 100 Most Wanted Boko Haram Members to the public
  3. Ministerial thorough screening and confirmation
  4. Non Interference in the legislative duties
  5. Appointment of New INEC Boss and Commissioners
  6. Restructuring and re awakenening of the Anti Graft Agency – EFCC
  7. Merging of Ministries and Federal Parastatals
  8. State Bailout funds
  9. Various Tribunal Annulments
  10. Treasury Single Account (TSA)
  11. Over-hauling and transparency of the NNPC
  12. Currency devaluation
  13. No progress on Boko Haram
  14. In the process of repatriating stolen funds from Foreign countries
  15. Reduction in the scarcity of fuel
  16. Appreciable Improvement in Power Supply in Various Parts of the Country
  17. Scrabble, Basketball and Football (Under 17 World Cup) Championships
  18. Reducing the Size and Cost of Governance
  19. Waging a “Non-Negotiable” War against Corruption
  20. Prioritizing Regional Cooperation
  21. Chibok Girls are not back home
  22. High rate of Unemployment
  23. De-marketing Nigeria
  24. Dwindling economy
  25. Scrapping of SURE-P programme
  26. Low profit for Multinational Companies
  27. Retrenchment of Permanent Secretaries

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