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3 Easy Ways Of Getting To Port Harcourt From Lagos

If you decide to visit Port Harcourt from Lagos, you can get there either by air, land or sea. Getting there by water directly is not possible, as most ships and boats are used for carrying cargo, but there are several other options available.

Lagos City.

By Motor Vehicle
This is the most popular mode of transport for travelers as many transport services ply Port Harcourt route. One can choose from luxury buses, coaches, or commercial shuttles (cars). Many different bus transport service companies have offices in the towns and cities around Lagos and Port Harcourt. Some of such companies are ABC Transport Services, The Young Shall Grow Motors, Cross Country Nigeria,…just to mention but a few. All the passengers need to do is to choose either to book for their tickets online, or go and purchase them directly from their stationed offices prior to their intended travel dates.

Road Transport.

Going By Train. Getting to Port Harcourt from Lagos by train can be possible only if the passenger first arrives the town of Enugu. The train service operates only three times weekly, and the journey from Enugu town to Port Harcourt is approximately 10 hours. However, it will be a memorable trip for anyone who loves sightseeing along the way. So, in order to plan a train trip to Port Harcourt from Lagos, one needs to make arrangements on first getting to Enugu town from Lagos, then proceed by train to the ‘treasure base of Nigeria’ (Port Harcourt) from there.

Rail Transport.

Getting There By Plane. Flying into Port Harcourt is the most expensive means by which one can get there from Lagos. At the same time, it is a relatively easy and very convenient way of traveling as flights, aside from Lagos, fly directly from Europe to Port Harcourt airport. French and German airlines usually operate such flights (Air France and Lufthansa). To arrive Port Harcourt from Lagos by plane, passengers will need to book online or visit the ticketing office of their flight choice airline in Lagos to purchase their flight tickets. Some of such domestic airlines are Arik Air, Aero Contractors, Dana, and so on.

Air Transport.

Amongst the various means of traveling from Lagos to Port Harcourt featured in this piece, it is left to the passenger to choose which means suites his/her budget, but what is paramount and most important, is a safe trip.


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