3 Effective Ways To Stop Being Hard On Yourself

Being a person can be hard. We want to be perfect but we can’t always be but that doesn’t mean we should put ourselves down. Thus, here are a 3 ways to stop being so hard on yourself:

  • Stop and breathe: Whenever you start getting that sense of being overwhelmed, stop wherever you are and remind yourself of the things you have achieved in the recent past, no matter how little. You can only cancel out the negative with the positive.

  • Stick on: I used to have a friend who went through periods of depression and what she would do is write inspirations notes that spoke to her heart and she would stick them everywhere and so she would be forced to cheer up.

  • Great company: Some may see this as flattery but it isn’t flattery if it’s the truth. It’s not enough to be positive toward yourself, sometimes we need verbal reinforcement from others to take us over the hump.

If you at any time ever feel sad, try these simple methods and you’ll be doing much better.

source: pulse.ng


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