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Here Are 3 Issues Affecting Nigeria – Eddie Iroh


Eddie Iroh is a former director of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria and has been very active on social media. Iroh looked at three issues afflicting not just Nigeria but the entire world and resolved to ask God why these things were created The former director-general of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Eddie Iroh, has revealed that he has three questions to ask God when he finally meets Him.

Making this known on his Facebook ‘wall’, Iroh said he would ask God why He created the human sexual organs, why He allowed the invention of politics as well as why He allowed the invention of money.

Read his post below: The day I meet my Maker I will muster the courage to ask Him THREE CRUCIAL QUESTIONS, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

1] Why did You create the human sexual organs, considering that You created the first human by simply moulding him out of mud, and having created us in Your image why were we not given the Grace to do the same? Look at the fate that befell Adam, Samson, John the Baptist, to name just a few from the Holy Bible. Or in more contemporary times the Duke of Windsor who gave up the throne of the United Kingdom to follow a woman. And of course our own dear one time Maximum Ruler Sani Abacha, plus a host of eminent personalities all over the world who fell from grace, lost in the Eternal Triangle.

2] Why did You Almighty Father allow humans to invent politics, the most odious profession imaginable? Watching the current American campaigns, I realise, like never before, that politicians ALL OVER THE WORLD are essentially the same, very corrupt, intellectually dishonest, duplicitous, morally bankrupt, hypocritical, and barefaced liars who would sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo and try to persuade him that it is a heating appliance!!

3] Finally, Almighty and Most Powerful God, why did You allow humans to invent Money having divined in Your Divine Wisdom that “Money is the root of all evils?” Need I expatiate on the Evil of Money? Just consider, dear fellow humans, what a peaceful life we would have had without these three Evils in our life! You can see that these thoughts have kept me up all night! Good morning. Citizens of Nigeria believe that the country has almost been destroyed by the three issues. Several times in the history of the country, there had been coups and attempted coups just as the citizens still believe currently that the economic challenges facing country were caused by the immediate past government of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


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