3 Great Plans Fashola Has For Nigeria’s Power Sector

Babatunde Fashola, Nigeria’s power minister at his maiden news conference yesterday unveiled his short term plan for the country’s power sector.

Here are 3 major things the former Lagos governor plans to do:

  1. Fashola also wants to boost power generation (possibly up to 10,000MW in the next 2 years. How? Read more here) and improve the transmission process. He said FG is getting contractors to finish on-going transmission contracts to enable it to transport the power being generated to the Discos to distribute.
  2. Fashola plans to make electricity more available to industrial areas and districts, although they’ll have to pay more. NERC is working on a new tariff for this.
  3. The power minister also plans massive job creation through the introduction of meters. He said FG would boost the local meter production, sale, repair and maintenance industry to create jobs, like telecoms recharge cards and telephone hand set sales. He said this is expected to aggressively energise the local meter production, sale, repair and maintenance industry and create spin off jobs for people.

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