3 Simple Spine Exercises That Help Reduce Back Pain

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Back pain among adults and young adults is not uncommon, especially if your job involves a lifting heavy objects, sitting or standing in the same position for a long time time.

If you’ve already got a back pain issue, these 3 exercises are back pain remedies that will help you with not only getting rid of the back pain but, also will also improve for the future too.

1. Bridge

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This exercise will help to train your back muscles and joints so that they are comfortable with the action of bending backwards. In other words, it reverses the body’s natural tendency to stoop in the forward direction. It is one of the best functional correction exercises there is and helps awaken your gluteal muscles while strengthening the spine muscles.

How to:

Lie face up on a yoga mat, bend your knees, with your feet firmly on the mat. Lift up your torso with your neck, hands and chest still on the mat.

Hold it in that position for 10 counts, bring it back down on the mat slowly, then repeat the cycle.

2. Crucifix Stretches


Most of us spend a large part of our days seated. This shortens the muscles in the lower and upper back, which in turn causes poor posture. The Crucifix Stretch helps restore the shortened muscles to their original form. And this is a good example of how to improve posture.

How to:

Stand straight, extend your arms out sideways until they are level with your shoulders. Adjust your wrists so that both your thumbs are facing backwards. Now, simply pull back your arms; it should look like you’re trying to stretch your chest. Hold your arms in this position for about 10 counts and then repeat.

3. T-Spine Rotations

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For proper functioning, namely, to carry out rotation, flexion and extension, the thoracic spine region needs this exercise. T- Spine Rotations increase mobility, which in turn improves posture.

How to:

Get down on your hands and knees. The proper form is that your arms should be stretched and your hands should be aligned with your shoulders.

Gently grasp the back of your head with your right hand, rotate your right elbow beneath the pectoral muscle on the left side. Now, do the reverse of the rotation; your elbow should be overhead. Throughout the exercise keep your eyes fixed on the moving elbow.


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