3 Terrible Mistakes You’re Making On LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be best and most popular business social networking platform on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you know how to use it to your best advantage.

The platform doesn’t lend itself easily to creating the kind of fast-paced, viral content that the likes of Twitter and Facebook get.

And that’s why you shouldn’t use it to gather shares or drive traffic to your company website, according to Alexandra Samuel, a technology researcher.

Here are three mistakes you’re most likely making in your use of LinkedIn:

  • You expect leads to come to you: You may think updating your company page daily will bring you more customers and employment inquiries, but the truth is if you run a small company, you don’t have the same brand recognition as a bigger company. Instead, advise your sales team to use the platform regularly to hunt potential new clients.

  • Employees accept too many requests from peers who work in the same field: Such civility could leave your company open to competitive threats and any one (or almost anyone) could see who your customers are or which new clients you may be eyeing.

  • You spend too much time selling yourself, rather than the brand: If you’re a founder of a small company, you want prospective employees to see what’s great about your company, if you want top tier talent at least. Construct your LinkedIn profile to reflect more than yourself – focus on your business accomplishments.

source: pulse.ng


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