Here Are 3 Things Every Joyful Couple Should Do Regularly


Marriage is a beautiful thing and it changes a lot about the groom and the bride. Marriage is the joining together of two imperfect individuals, they come together and inspire each other, one has a gift the other doesn’t have and vice versa, we are meant to complement each other in marriage, that’s the purpose. The following are 3 THINGS happy couples should do regularly:

1. Meditate

Your heartbeats and breath will be in sync, making you feel more connected, and meditation is shown to put you in an empathetic, generous state of mind — perfect for sharing a chill evening together. As for its effect on sex, well, just consider where the Kama Sutra came from.

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2. Cook together

It’s cozy and romantic, and you can eat healthily more easily than you can in a restaurant. As for choice of cuisine, studies show that spicy foods increase blood flow, which can boost arousal, anyone?

3. Vacation

And make it a beach getaway while you’re at it. Taking time off is essential to your mental health, and studies show that being near a body of water has a stress-reducing effect. Plus: Couples who trek together tend to have more sex together.


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