4 Under-Appreciated Yet Important Group Of People In Nigeria

Nigerians tend to appreciate the popular and the famous.

Usually, we overlook the many Nigerians who make life worthwhile. Forget the celebrities, the scientists, the politicians and others we always appreciate.

I can bet you that none of those people are saving your lives the way the following people are:

1.  Drink Hawkers

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam so bad, your throat is about to leave your body just to go look for water?

That’s when you appreciate those guys who hawk cold drinks in traffic. They’re the real MVPs.

Image: DukeTagoe

2.  Mobile Food Vendors

Those ladies that hawk food have been saving lives since forever. They’re cheap and they bring the food to your doorstep.

Till “Owu” has hooked you, you’d never appreciate the presence of these class of people.

Image: MadamSabi

3.  Okada Riders

Okada riders are the Nigerian equivalent of a GPS. They know every street and address. If you’re going somewhere and are unable to locate the address, just board a bike.

And they’re pretty fast too.

Most Disrespected Group Of People In Nigeria

4.  Petty Market Traders

These petty traders are a class of unsung heroes. They sell goods in a way that the poorest in the society can afford things. The quantity you get is equal to your haggling ability.

Image: CarolineInNigeria
source: OmgVoice

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