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4 captivating things about the Ijebus


Nigeria’s multi-ethnic status makes her a dynamic nation. A country inhabited by people from various tribal lineages with certain peculiarities that makes her an interesting place to seek economic prosperity and have a thrilling hiatus from work.

From the north to the south, east and west, interesting tales are told about the Ijebus’, an extraction of the Yoruba ethnic group. Their stories, which grab the attention of Nigerians and foreigners alike are filled with anecdotes of unusual social practices.

The Ijebus’ are domiciled in Ogun state, South-west Nigeria. Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1hotel booking portal looks at 4 enthralling things about this tribe that will prompt Nigerians to love and associate with them.

Sociable a.k.a party maniacs

These crop of people are sociable and they love to party. Barely any weekend passes by without seeing a woman in her colourful iro, buba and gele attending a jamboree with her husband adorned in a resplendent agbada and a cap to match. Across the western part of the country and beyond, Ijebus’ are the most emotional people you will find.

Ijebu Garri (Cassava grain)

Crispy and crunchy, the Ijebu garri is one of Nigeria’s popular staple foods. There is a general consensus among Nigerians that it is the best enjoyed if well prepared with cold water and peanuts. These people are not ashamed to enjoy this meal at any hour of the day, which is why they are dexterous in the production of garri.

Source: blog.ng.jovago.com


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