4 Easiest Ways To Unclog Your Drain Without The Help Of A Plumber

It’s not every time you should call a plumber when you have a clogged drain, sometimes you can easily handle the situation without spending a dime.

Below are four easiest ways you can unclog your drain without the help of any plumber.


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1. USE HOT WATER: This always does the trick for me. When the sink is clogged i just boil about two liters of water and when it boiling i pour it directly into the clogged drain and immediately whatever is blocking the drainage vanishes.



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2. USE A PLUNGER: Before putting the plunger into action, remove the strainer on the drain and then reach your fingers into the drain in order to pull out anything solid that could be clogging the pipe. This is gross, but it is also highly effective. If there seems to be nothing obviously apparent, take out the plunger. Put the sink plunger over the drain and fill up the sink with 2 to 3 inches of water. Give the handle of the plunger a few pushes up and down as this will form a seal around the plunger. Pushing harder and sharper will help to clear out any blockages, but you should be starting gently in order to lower the risk of splashes out of the sink. If the plunging is successful, you will see the dirty water go down the drain with quick evacuation.



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3. USE DRY YEAST: This can be done once a month, and many choose to do it on the same schedule as their AC filter replacement. You will need to flush down the contents of an entire ¼ ounce packet of active dry yeast in your toilet. You should choose the toilet that is the closest to the main line. Why yeast? It helps to enhance the role of the good bacteria that is necessary for the septic tank to eat away the waste.



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4. USE WATER AND VINEGAR: In a one gallon jug, fill up with one half scalding hot water and the other half distilled white vinegar. Before you go to bed, you should pour this down the toilet that is closest to the main line and then flush. This mixture will help to loosen up any blockages and melt grease that has solidified in the drain. You should be using this mixture once a month to maintain a healthy drainage and septic system.


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