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4 Life Changing Beauty Tips For Ladies

It is a known fact that women all over the world are the same and have one thing in common- we all want to feel beautiful. However, a lot of us have been doing things the wrong way and are not finding the perfect balance between ‘just enough’ and ‘overdoing’ it. A lot of women use the wrong products and colors for their skin tone, either out of ignorance or not being able to get the right products/colors for their skin.

Follow this guide on how to feel and stay beautiful by practicing these five simple tips that will transform and blow your mind. They Include:

1. If you have a darker complexion, please avoid wearing make up that is lighter than you. Do not mind all those make-up artists that claim you should wear foundation a shade lighter than your skin color, it is a trap destined to make you look bad. The best applications are those that show no physical boundary between your skin and its make-up. If you have difficulty in getting your color, mix a lighter and darker shade to get the shade you need. Brown and copper bronzers complement dark skin very well. Please get rid of those shimmery stuff.

2. Neutrals, earth tones, dark burgundy and pink colors are complementary colors that work well with a dark skin. You can add a little lip-gloss for an edgy shine. The darker your skin, the easier it is to use brighter colors. Eyes can be accentuated with either black or colored eyeliner along with mascara to help the lashes stand out.

3. Get a proper skin moisturizer, as proper moisturizing prevents itching and scratching and gives you a lush, healthy looking skin. Bleaching creams don’t fall into this category. Help your skin by getting rid of bleaching creams, as the damage is usually long term. Also, stop touching your face anyhow and prevent others from doing so. Bacteria from the hand would be transferred to the face, resulting in breakouts.

4. Our hair type differs from curly to coarse to straight, thick and thin, but good hair care would never go out of fashion. No matter the texture, every hair deserves good care. Make use of oil treatments, conditioner hair masques and protective styles. As much as possible, reduce the use of excess chemical application to your hair, as it tends to weaken it. Excess chemical application as well as heat can dry your hair and make it brittle as well as damage it permanently.


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