4 tips to help women get a good hotel


Women are sensitive and choosy. They like the best of everything and are sometimes difficult to satisfy. Unlike the men folk who readily accept whatever they are offered, women will search thoroughly to select an ideal place providing premium service.

However, when it comes to booking a hotel the choices are unlimited and running the risk of selecting a terrible hotel may eventually ruin your holiday and prompting you to suspend your vacation before the due date.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on what to look out for when offering women a hotel to sleep.

A sizable mirror

Make-up and women are inseparable. A large mirror that gives her a full view of her amazing frame and dress is a winner anyday. While some women come along with their reflection glasses, others prefer to have this piece of furniture waiting in their rooms. So if you are working to win the interest of the female populace, put a mirror at the top of your list.


Women are concerned about their safety now more than ever before and the porous security at hotels does not help them. Some ladies have experienced rape and robbery in places that they thought would provide them protection. Hence, security at the hotel is not something they are willing to compromise on, even if they have to pay extra for it.black-woman-hotel

Shopping Centre

Ladies always have something to buy. From trendy shoes to bags, lingerie and clothes, they want to purchase everything! And the ultimate goal is to look classy and picture perfect each time. Because they love convenience, they will rather walk to a store within the hotel premises to get these things than driving miles away from the hotel to a shopping mall across town.

Women only hotels

Women only hotels are rare in Nigeria. Even in Lagos, the commercial nerve centre ofNigeria it’s difficult to find one. Instead of searching for a ‘women only hotel’, look for one that has mixed options but reserves an exclusive section for women – a place devoid of the marauding eyes of men.


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