4 ways to keep your car safe when travelling


No matter how exotic your car is when travelling, it is prone to mechanical faults or theft. Therefore, it is paramount to protect it as there have been reports where cars have been hijacked at gunpoint or they suddenly disappear from where it was parked.Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 hotel booking portal shares some tips on how to keep your car safe when you travel.

Install a tracker

Tracking your car is the easiest way to keep it safe. The owner simply fixes a Global Positioning System device in the vehicle. With GPS, the car will be monitored even if you are on vacation at a far-flung destination. Hence, you do not need to worry about it being stolen.

Extra Tire

The spare tire idea is something that many people may ignore but if you are looking to go on the road, an additional tire can keep you from getting stranded on a lonely highway. If you and your fellow travellers are caught up in a flat tire conundrum at night in Nigeria and you do not have a spare, be prepared for a long night.

Use a paid car park

Rather than using any available space for parking your car, it is better to part with a little amount in order to keep it secure. At the garage, you are assured of your car’s safety as it will be watched by the security personnel at the park.

Store your valuable out of sight

For prevent you and your fellow travellers from attracting unwanted attention, keep all your valuables out of gaze. Things like monies, phones and jewellery should be tucked away in a purse. Also do not forget to lock your car.

Source: blog.ng.jovago.com


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