4 Ways To Treat Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are extremely frustrating, especially during these hot summer months when people are wearing less clothes and wanting to enjoy the nice weather, but how do you treat stretch marks?Striae as they are called in the dermatology world, occur on the body in areas where the skin is stretched to far that it breaks the skins elasticity in the dermis layer of the skin. The dermis is the middle layer of the skin that determines the support and elasticity of the skin.Almost everybody knows what stretch marks are. Most people just want to know how to treat stretch marks. In this article I’m going to go over 4 different options for treating these annoying white scars that haunt us from day to day. Hopefully this will help you decide which option would work best for your situation.

Treatment option # 1 – Cosmetic surgery.

This is the number one option for permanently removing your stretch marks, but it also is the option that is by far the most expensive. Also worth noting is that most insurance companies don’t cover the cost for cosmetic surgery. Since this type of surgery is mainly for excess skin.

Treatment option # 2 – Acid Peels. 

Acid peels are another option that is cheaper then most plastic surgery, but still is rather expensive, and you will most likely need to visit a special dermatologist office rather then your normal doctor. These peals which consist most of time of Alpha Hydroxide Acid a strong acid that peals the skin in small layers have been shown to reduce the appearance of the scars. These unfortunately aren’t covered by most insurance companies either.

Treatment option # 3 – Home remedies
Ways to Treat Stretch Marks

Now for those of you looking to save the most money I would first try this home remedy and see what results you get. This home remedy helps to fade small marks pretty easily. And all the supplies can be found for right around $30.The Things you will Need are:-Coca Butter
-Skin Lotion with Vitamin E
– Aloe Vera
– Cover-up Powder make-up that matches your skin tone.Right after your morning shower rub the coco butter and vitamin E oil over the affected area, Rub the coco butter in first and after that dries go over it with a small amount of vitamin E lotion. These Ingredients help to moisturize the skin to bring back elasticity to the dermis layer of the skin. After about 5 min apply a thin layer of aloe Vera over the affected area and wait 2 min for it to dry. Another option step is to put cover-up powder make up over the visible stretch marks to help mask them if you happen to be showing those areas of skin.

Treatment option # 4 – Stretch mark cream.

There are countless amounts of so called stretch mark creams on the internet. Its hard to tell which are junk and which ones actually work.The main thing you want to look for is high quality ingredients. Such as: vitamin E, vitamin A, cocoa butter,
These ingredients have been proven effective in treating stretch marks and once you know which ingredients work and why they work. You will be able to effectively choose the best cream for you.

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