4 Well Paying Jobs That Nigerians Look Down On

Never belittle anybody’s hustle.

The Nigerian society looks down on many people simply because they are not educated. You don’t have to be educated to be successful. Education only levels the playing field and exposes you to many opportunities. Here are some jobs that we as Nigerians look down on that pay surprising well:

1. Bricklayer

Brick laying is back-breaking work. It is hard but it really pays. Do you know an expert bricklayer can earn above N200,000 in two weeks?

Before you lift your jaw off the floor, I talked to some bricklayers renovating a house on my street and I found out that “plastering” the one storey building cost the owner N300,000. It took four bricklayers to complete the work in 10 days.

Image: JujuFilmsTV

2. Keke Napep Rider

The wonderful things we learn when we talk to people. Do you know a Keke Napep rider in Victoria Island, Lagos makes an average of N8,000 daily?

While this may not seem like a huge amount, do the maths and multiply this by 6 days. Then by 4 weeks. This amounts to N192,000 monthly.

How much do you earn at your white collar job again?

Image: Constative

3. Danfo Driver

Let’s do a little arithmetic: If a bus driver charges N100 from point A to point B and he takes 14 passengers. That’s N1,400 per trip. If he makes 10 trips daily, that’s N14,000 daily. Imagine how much that is monthly. Let me help, it’s over N300,000 monthly (before fuel and maintenance expenses).

Image: VenturesAfrica

4. Traders

Traders are another class of people we as a society need to respect. They power our economy in their own ways. Do you know an average trader can earn between N5,000 to N50,000 daily depending on location?

After a conversation with a trader in Eko Idumota market, I nearly reconsidered my choice of profession. N18,000 per day on the average is no joke.

Image: Naij


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