5 Awesome Dishes To Make Using Condensed Mlk

condensed milk and strawberry

Signify by raising your hands if you’ve tasted condensed Milk and you loved it.  I remember my NYSC days i never used powdered or liquid milk, it was condensed milk all day everyday. Condensed milk was sold everywhere in the north, then i returned to Lagos after service only to find condensed milk was an Herculian task so i resorted to making my own.

You’re probably wondering, “what can i use Condensed milk for when there’s regular milk”?

Here are a few awesome dishes to make using condensed milk


1. CONDENSED MILK AND TEA (because regular milk can be so cliche)

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2. CONDENSED MILK AS A CAKE TOPPING (Because some of us are so Bougie)



3. CONDENSED MILK WITH DOUGHNUT (Because, wait.. do i really need to explain why condensed milk is good with doughnut)



4. CONDENSED MILK AS A PANCAKE TOPPING (Because it sweetens it and basically beautifies your pancake)



5. CONDENSED MILK WITH CORNFLAKES (It doesn’t actually add to the taste, i just felt like showing off the fact that i can make regular cornflakes look awesome 😉 )




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