5 Bad Beauty Habits That Affect The Way You Look

A woman rubbing moisturizer into her skin

Do you have a bad beauty habit you can’t break? These tips should do the trick!

1. If you are a: Cuticle biter

Prevent the temptation to bite hangnails!

Apply apple vinegar around nail bed & get manicures regularly.

2. If you are a: Lip licker

Licking lips only provides TEMPORARY relief
Stock up on lip balms to moisturize lips *Preferably with SPF
Keep your tongue busy by chewing gum

3. If you are a: Face picker

Stop picking at your blemishes…You may cause acne scars!
Apply warm compress to area to reduce inflammation

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4. If you are a: Makeup sleeper

“I woke up like this” isn’t glamorous… It causes breakouts and raccoon eyes the next morning
Keep cotton pads & cleansing micellar water on nightstand to remove makeup

5. If you are a: Shoulder sloucher

Sit up straight! You are putting a burden on back muscles
Hold a pole horizontally & slowly lift it over your head, behind your back and bring it back in front of you
Repeat 5 times.






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