5 Best Tips To Find Your Marriage Partner

In the beginning, God has taken a part of man to shape his woman. That’s what the Bible tells us. If you still feel like something is missing in your life, but are not sure how to identify your very own woman, read these tips.

Picking the right women does not lead to ultimate happiness! You still would have quarrels and disagreements. However, finding your lost rib makes you feel complete and ready for all that life has to offer you. This woman would complete you instead of competing with you, and she would certainly stimulate you to growth and development.

In fact, these things work both ways for men and for the ladies!

How to identify the “lost rib”:

It’s something you learn, and it is something you should value and cherish. No healthy relationship is possible without mutual trust. So, do not “fall in love” and follow your hormones blindly. Take your time dating and see, if you can be friends with that person and you can trust them and share most private information and feelings with them.

People often talk of compatibility or the lack of it. This is the common cause of divorce. People just do not happen to be “compatible”. But most of them have no clue of they talk about. Compatibility starts with your values. That is why it is not a good idea to marry a person from another religion. They do not share your values!

So, the step number one is to identify your core values; the step number two is to find a person who strongly shares them.

That is the opposite of trust. Take your time to see if the person is too controlling. It may not be caused by the lack of trust in you, but rather by the general lack of trust to people and life. Possibly the controlling person has had some trauma in their childhood. It does not mean you should not marry them, just make sure to get help and rid them of the control addiction.

Watch for the desires and dreams of the other person. Have they headed the same direction as you do? Do they have the same amount of enthusiasm as you do? Being coupled with someone who is too slow and lazy or someone who is too quick and eager for you is a bad idea.


God has crafted each of us with a unique calling attached. Are you willing to do all you can to help your “rib” to become what God has in mind for her (or him)? Will you dedicate your life to enable them to be the best version of themselves? Are they ready to do the same thing for you? If the answer is “yes”, then you can boldly say: I DO!

As you see, these tips can really help you pray and choose the love of your life with the open heart and mind!

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