5 Characteristics All Healthy Marriages Have In Common

As much as no two marriages are the same, the factors that make it healthy and successful are the same everywhere.


According to marriage coach and author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage, Lesli Doares, “a happy and healthy marriage is one in which both partners feel safe, secure and loved.”

Doares says these are the characteristics all healthy marriages have in common

1. A fast friendship: Your spouse must first be your friend and this friendship is essential for a happy intimacy

Couple in bedCouple in bed

2. Readiness to let go of things willingly: Bickering over unnecessary and significant issues doesn’t exist in a happy marriage. This is because these couples are willing to let go of the annoyance and are not afraid to start afresh.

3. A satisfying sex life: Sexual intimacy is what differentiates couples from normal bestfriend relationship. A great sex life helps build this unbreakable bond in marriage.

Happy coupleHappy couple

4. Saying more ‘yes’ than ‘no’: Every spouse has the right to say no, but a yes to your spouse will make you look more like a team which is important for a happy marriage.

5. Complete and gentle honesty: A healthy marriage means no telling of white lies that might cost your spouse’s trust . It’s better to be open and speak the truth about how you feel, what you want or how you are. It’s prevents resentment from creeping into your marriage.

source: pulse.ng


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