Foods That Can Damage Your Eyes- Must Read

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Your eyes are the key to your health and your soul. Eyes react to light, have several purposes and are made up of three coats. If not given proper attention, irritation, diseases and muscular degeneration can occur.

It’s important to eat enough fruit and vegetables, bread, rice, potatoes and other starchy foods, meat, fish, oily fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein and milk and dairy foods for good eyesight.

Can some of your everyday foods actually work against your vision? There are probably more unhealthy foods than you realize lurking in your refrigerator or freezer right this minute, some of these foods might just surprise you. These are foods you might be eating wrongly that could harm the eyes.

Iced Water: Not taking enough water daily is bad for the health especially the brain, heart and the eyes. But taking ice water on daily basis is worse for the health of the eyes because Ice water causes poor digestion, impairs blood circulation and depletes the body store of vitamins B governing the normal workings of the brain and the eyes.

Regular Intake Of Soft Drinks: Regular intake of soft drinks harms the eyes through many ways. Soft drinks promote development of diabetes, which is the greatest destroyer of the eyes. Soft drinks also cause acidic pH, deplete B vitamins in the body and causes malfunction of the brain and the eyes. Carbonated soft drinks cause water logging inside the body tissues including those of the eyeball. The build-up of water pressure in the eyes is a prime factors leading to near-sightedness.

Refined Sugar: Refined sugar has no nutritional value, it only depletes the body’s stores of vitamin B and other nutrients critical to the health and functions of the eyes. The overindulgence in refined sugar and sugary foods and drinks can cause myopia. The more sugar in the diet, the greater the incidence of myopia. Myopia is the quality of being shortsighted. Refined sugar also triggers inflammation, accelerates aging of cells and creates free-radicals, which damage healthy cells and tissues in the body including cells in the eyes.

Refined Salt: Daily intake of refined salt causes deteriorating vision. Some snacks and processed meals and drinks contain refined salt. Refined salt actually weakens the heart, cripples blood circulation and causes acidic pH that ignites systemic degeneration that harms the eyesight. Lack of minerals in refined table salt coupled with its toxic additives also inhibits thyroid function and cause poor conversion of T4 to T3 with dire consequence on the health and functions of the brain and the eyes.

Refined Carbohydrates: Refined carbohydrates are stripped of fibre and other essential nutrients. Regular consumption of refined carbohydrates causes a triple dose of heart damage- raising harmful triglycerides (fats in the blood), lowering protective HDL cholesterol and raising blood pressure and blood sugar. Both diabetes and hypertension damage the brain and the eyes. Eating refined carbohydrates also causes chronic inflammation, which is the physiological trigger and driver of glaucoma. If you don’t want to experience glaucoma (a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing gradual loss of sight) you need to lower your intake of refined carbohydrates.


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