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Here Are 5 Common Lies Every Lady Tells Her Man

Today, both men and women have made strides in understanding one another, but there still remains those certain feminine truths that no man has been able to unravel.
Here are the top lies every woman tells:

1. I just threw an outfit together

This is a major lie. We spent hours planning the perfect outfit to wear on that date with you.

2. I’m fine

If you ask what’s wrong, we’d say we’re fine. Even though we clearly aren’t. And If you don’t ask? You should be making your last confessions to a priest at that time.

3. I love sports

A girl will tell you she loves sports (say football) then proceed to put CR7 in Chelsea and tell you Beckham still plays football. Lol, we just do this because we like you.

4. It wasn’t expensive

Just multiply the figure in your head by at least 40. When we say that about after we’ve just gone shopping

5. He’s just a friend

I bet a lot of guys will read this, then go query their babes. Often times, he is not just a friend. We just don’t want ‘wahala’ so we claim friendship. But sometimes, a male jogging buddy is just that. A jogging buddy.



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