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5 Controversial Books You Should Read

These controversial books have inspired both ire and critical acclaim. What’s all the fuss about? Read on and decide for yourself

1. There was a Country by Chinua Achebe

There Was a Country is a controversial book that created a storm in 2013 when it was published. The book is a memoir that recounts the Biafra war and the decline of Nigeria. In this book, Achebe who is an Igbo aroused the hostility of the Yorubas because of some assertions he made in the book. However, I enjoyed the book’s first section because the author narrated his happy childhood, his close-knit family, with portraits of his father, an upright missionary teacher, and his mother.

The first section is also a celebration of the richness of Igbo philosophy and cosmology and its inclusive cultures. But the second section, about the war itself, mostly forgoes personal memory. In writing about the major events, Achebe often recounts what he was told rather than what he felt and the reader is left with a nagging dissatisfaction, as though things are being left unsaid. Regardless, it is a good book everyone should read.


2. Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie

Since its release, this book has generated a lot of controversies with so many Nigerians annoyed by the narratives of the Biafra by Igbo writers. However, this is a very great book as Adichie’s powerful focus on war’s impact on civilian life, and the trauma beyond the trenches is remarkable.

3. Harry Potter series, by JK Rowling.

Parents often dissuade their children from reading this book because they believe that the stories promote witchcraft; dangerous play; and naughty, sneaky, disobedient behavior among children. Religious parents are particularly outraged, believing the witchcraft opposes their religious beliefs. However, i think this is a very good book.


4. Everything in Nigeria is going to kill you by Ayo Sogunro

The title of  the book has generated a lot of controversy with some social media users saying the author should have opted for a more positive title. However, this book is a compilation of interesting articles  with superb analysis of the current Nigerian crisis, ranging from an incompetent president to malevolent and influential sponsors of terrorist activities and so many other things. Regardless, of its panic propaganda title, this is definitely one of the great books of 2014.

5. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee.

Am currently reading this book and i actually bought it after reading that it was banned by all schools in the U.S. This book attempt to critique American race relations and the court system’s unjust treatment of black people. Although, Educators still consider To Kill a Mockingbird an important teaching tool for children. But the U.S school systems banned the book, claiming that the historically accurate racial epithets within it promoted racism. Still others consider the discussion of rape too advanced for young children.

source: pulse.ng


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