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Delicious Dishes You Should Try Out This Weekend

Instead of boring your family and friends with the traditional rice and stew, why don’t you change things up a little with these Nigerian dishes put together for you and make your kitchen, the envy of your neighbours…

coconut rice

Believe me, this rice dish has the perfect taste and aroma to leave your guests salivating long before the dish is served.

Vegetable egg sauce with Boiled Yam

Vegetable egg sauce

You can prepare egg sauce in different ways. When you add chopped pumpkin leaves to it, it gives a tasty twixt to the dish. Which guest wouldn’t ask for more?

Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup eforiro

Almost everyone I know loves a tasty vegetable soup. You can have it with Rice, fufu, Eba and the list goes on.

Fried Rice/Jollof Rice

Nigerian fried rice      Nigerian jollof rice


Instead of leaving your family and guests confused with whether to have fried rice or Jollof rice, why don’t you just serve both side by side and I’m sure they would thank you for that.



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